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Rachelle-Lefevre-Hot-and-Sexy-Images-540x405This is not a drunken post, though I am drunk!  I finally finished watching the “Twilight” saga the other day, and I’m so glad it’s over!  Great movie–but enough already (for previous posts on this subject, click here)!  I didn’t see Rachelle Lefevre in these last two installments (her character died in the second one, as I recall).  And I still feel that the greatest vampire film ever made is Interview with the Vampire (1994), and the best werewolf film ever made is The Howling (1981).  But this “Twilight” series is still cool enough, though I’m reasonably certain it’s meant to be a chick flick.  (When I first heard that term, “chick flick”, I thought it referred to any film with hot chicks!) Interview-With-the-Vampire-vampires-513861_1024_768 howling