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I recently received a favorable comment regarding a photograph I’d previously featured on my blog.  But because the comment was left in response to the single picture, and not to the post in which it was featured–I was somehow unable to publicize the comment, and my response to it.  So I deleted both.  Yet why not feature it again–for the sake of this commenter, and for my sake as well? 

Donna Reed Wearing Negligee, ca. 1955

Donna Reed Wearing Negligee, ca. 1955

Here’s to you, my friend!  And by the way–though I found it hard to believe it was Donna Reed myself (not because it could be anyone else, but because I couldn’t imagine Donna Reed posing in negligee), I have confirmed it is!  Before she became so typecast to the character on her television series, she was a pinup girl for American soldiers abroad.  In fact, during the Second World War (and almost certainly the Korean War, as well) she was among the most appreciated–and I can certainly see why!


Nevermind Britney’s unzipped back–take a look at that cat!  Most of the spam I get is just annoying, but some of it’s hilarious–my favorite being: I’ve lost my pussy, can you help me find it?  Sigh–if only it were for real!  Thank God for wardrobe malfunctions like this, in which something else is showing beside a Freudian slip!  Britney Spears is certainly no Donna Reed, Elizabeth Taylor, Veronica Lake, et alia, but she’ll do, for the moment!74dcdbd4706711e3b6900e65fed3ec7d_8


its-a-wonderful-life-donna-reed-james-everettThrough music, I have traveled tonight from Tibet to New York to Korea to Zimbabwe! 

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

And with a pussycat like Donna Reed curled around my tree, it really would be a wonderful life!