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Yesterday (Friday) I was planning to eat with the Singletons at 5:30 pm.  Instead, this is what happened.  Another severe thunderstorm struck here, in Escambia County, Florida, in the pre-dawn hours  (these storms are increasing in frequency and severity–global warming is a reality, and it is increasing exponentially).  Despite the severe lighting (the thunder was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard), I only lost electricity for a few minutes.  But I lost my telephone, Internet, and television service because the node for this entire area by my cable provider went out.  It wasn’t until about 4 pm that the node was repaired, and my service for all three resumed.  But since I’d been waiting, not knowing when the service would resume, and since I hadn’t eaten and taken my medication, I couldn’t attend the dinner.  But I did get a check in the mail by which I could begin building my savings account back up, after nearly emptying it for the new (used) car.  And on the way to my credit union (to deposit the check), I had a wreck.  My car, which I hadn’t even had a chance to pay the taxes on yet, was crushed.  So was the other driver’s truck.  Neither of us were seriously injured.  But both our vehicles had to be towed away.  And the state trooper who was called by the sheriff’s department ruled that I was at fault.  I was not at fault–there was no way in hell I could have been at fault.  I had begun a turn, at a green light, with no oncoming traffic, when the other driver jumped out of a line of cars in a turn lane, and drove into my car.  But the trooper said the other driver had the right-of-way.  He didn’t, because I had already begun making my turn when he suddenly got into the oncoming lanes.  So I had the right-of-way.  The citation I got is not very expensive.  But I plan to contest it in court, if my insurance company provides an attorney.  Part of it’s the principle of the thing.  And part of it is a feeling of responsibility I have to help prevent this from happening to someone else. 

It could have been worse–either of us could have been seriously injured or killed.  But the other driver’s airbag went off, and he was probably wearing his seatbelt.  And I was wearing my seatbelt, so all I got were bruises from the seatbelt itself.  Because I was hit on the side rather than the front, my airbag didn’t go off.  I was thrown from my seat, and if I hadn’t have been wearing my seatbelt, I would definitely have soared through the rolled-up window, and been cut to death by the glass.  Always buckle your seatbelt (safety belt)–your airbag will not open if you’re hit from the side, so don’t rely on it.  I cannot stress this enough.  I would have been killed (or worse), had I not been wearing my seatbelt.  Always wear your seatbelt, even if you’re just driving through a parking lot.

So it could have been worse, but it could have been better.  Life attacked–this was the worst time to have a wreck, having just bought this new (used) car.  And if the storm hadn’t occurred, and knocked out my phone service, I would have eaten and taken my meds in the morning, waited till Monday to deposit the check, and had a good time eating with the Singletons at Logan’s Roadhouse (they have wonderful burgers there).  But it did occur, and I did attempt to deposit the check.  And another driver made an unwise, rash decision, and drove into my car, spinning it completely around. 

It is no wonder we humans all hope for a heaven of some kind, because life is often worse than death–much worse.  We have far more cause to fear life than to fear death.  But it’s our fear of death that keeps us alive.

Life attacks–over and over again–while death attacks only once.

Nevertheless, we’re stuck here, because of our survival instinct.  So we might as well find as much happiness as we can in our earthly hell (there is no hell after this life, this world is hell enough).  And looking at women whose visages make me horny is one way I find happiness.

So I present Jane Wyatt.  This classic actress–now hopefully in a happier world–has always made me very horny, for some reason.  Baby boomers may best remember her from Father Knows Best; Generation X-ers, like me, may best remember her from reruns of Star Trek (on which she played Mr. Spock’s human mother, Amanda).