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This case against Scott Wesley Mayo was nol prossed (dismissed by the prosecution).

Your Honor:

These charges are both false and frivolous, because the accusations on which they are based are both false and frivolous.

The last time my uncle, Dr. Robert Cooper Pyle, spoke with me on the phone, he was returning a call I had made to him regarding my parents.  Both of my elderly parents had fallen, and my father seemed overwhelmed by the situation.  I called my Uncle Robert immediately, and asked him to speak with my father about calling an ambulance for himself and my mother.  Uncle Robert never answered his phone, but I left a voicemail, detailing my concerns to him.  And my Uncle Robert returned my call, and updated me on my parents’ condition.  Your Honor, that was the last time my Uncle Robert spoke with me on the phone—years ago.

And Your Honor, I cannot even remember when I last visited my Uncle Robert at his house—but that was years ago too.

Your Honor, on the night of August 15, 2017, I returned from an open mic of the West Florida Literary Federation at the Pensacola Cultural Center, only to find that my truck had been towed away from a parking lot across Government Street from Seville Quarter.

I had no cash in my wallet that night—since I had no cash at all, at that time.  And since I had no cellphone or smartphone (I choose not to have a cellphone or smartphone, because I choose to limit the Digital-Age technology in my life), I had to use a phone at Seville Quarter to call for a ride home, or for financial assistance for a ride home.  And the only reason I called my Uncle Robert that night was because I could only make local calls on Seville Quarter’s phones—and my Uncle Robert was my closest living relative.  I first called my friend—but my friend could not drive at night, and his son was out of town.  When I called my Uncle Robert then, he could have answered his phone, even to tell me not to call him again—even to tell me to go to hell.

But he never did, Your Honor—I could only leave a message, or messages, on his answering machine.  I gave him the number of the Seville Quarter club from which I was calling, and asked him to return my call.  I waited at least thirty minutes, but he never returned my call—and he never answered his phone.

Your Honor, I had no way of knowing if anyone was even home at my Uncle Robert’s residence that night—because no one at his residence ever answered the phone.  And I had no way of knowing what my Uncle Robert’s schedule was—or his family’s schedule was—because no one from his residence had contacted me for years.  Your Honor, I had no way of even knowing, with absolute certainty, that my Uncle Robert was still living at that residence in Gulf Breeze—because no one ever answered the phone.   

Your Honor, even if my Uncle Robert simply did not want to answer the phone that night—no matter what—he could have called me the next day, and spoken with me about my call of the night before.  But he never did that either.

Your Honor, my Uncle Robert did not take the time to simply answer his phone on the night of August 15, 2017—or return my call, or calls—but he took the time to call the Gulf Breeze Police Department, and lie to a police officer about me, his nephew.

And my Uncle Robert did lie to Officer Weiers that night, Your Honor—several times.  And the most malicious lie my Uncle Robert told Officer Weiers was that he had told me not to call him on his phone.  Your Honor, my Uncle Robert has never told me not to call him on his phone—he has never told me that, any time in my life.

Your Honor, my uncle, Dr. Robert Cooper Pyle, could have simply answered his phone on the night of August 15, 2017.  But he never did—just as he never told me why, at least six months before, he had blocked his phone without ever taking any of my calls, or returning any of my calls.

Your Honor, my uncle, Dr. Robert Cooper Pyle, who considers himself an upstanding Christian, violated the commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery, decades ago—and divorced his wife, and married his illicit lover, instead of taking any responsibility for that violation.

And now, Your Honor, my uncle, Dr. Robert Cooper Pyle, has violated the commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.  And he persists in this violation, instead of taking any responsibility for this violation.

Your Honor, it is for these reasons that I am not guilty of these charges.  As mentioned, Your Honor, these charges are false—because the accusations on which they are based are false.

Your Honor, thank you for your time and consideration, in reading this statement—and in considering my position, in this dispute with my uncle, Dr. Robert Cooper Pyle.

Again, these charges are both false and frivolous, because the accusations on which they are based are both false and frivolous.

Scott Wesley Mayo

Sunday, April 29, 2018


The majority of Black (Negroid) Americans are not African Americans—they are Americans of African descent.

Their ancestors were African Americans.

The majority of White (Caucasoid) Americans are not European Americans—they are Americans of European descent.

Their ancestors were European Americans.

The majority of Yellow (Mongoloid) Americans are not Asian Americans—they are Americans of Asian descent.

Their ancestors were Asian Americans.

Same is true for specific nationalities—the majority of politicians who call themselves Indian Americans, like the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley and the Dishonorable Ajit Pai, are not Indian Americans, they are Americans of Indian descent.

Politicians like those two bastards love to identify themselves as people of color when it is politically advantageous to them—and White when it is not.

Yet we’re all people of color—and people of the same color.

Just different shades of it.

Immigrants to the United States can validly call themselves African Americans, European Americans, Asian Americans, or Australian Americans—regardless of their races, ethnicities, or ancestral groups.

But their descendents cannot.

Immigrants to the United States can also validly call themselves Indian AmericansMexican AmericansChinese Americans, etc.

But their descendents cannot.

And the reason American Indians (a.k.a Red People) can validly call themselves Native Americans—anywhere in the Americas, not just in the United States—is that native refers to no specific geographical location.

The American Indians are Native Americans because they are native to the Americas.

Political correctness only pretends to be fair—it is never actually fair.

Americans of African descent are called African Americans, while Americans of European descent are just called whites—more by White Americans than Black Americans.

Indeed I suspect that the term African American was coined by White liberals, in the first place—so they could more easily manipulate, instigate, and exploit Black Americans.

Because that’s all White liberals—the worst of whom are Jews—ever do.

Manipulate, instigate, and exploit everyone else.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Yet it’s not President Trump who’s causing so much sociopolitical turmoil and chaos in the United States, it’s liberals—especially White liberals.

These smartphone addicts resist Trump, but do absolutely nothing to officially remove him from office.

These smartphone addicts resist Trump, though if they would have voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries—instead of Hillary Clinton—they could have likely prevented Donald Trump’s presidency, in the first place.

And these smartphone addicts do absolutely nothing to prevent the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley’s ascendancy to the Oval Office of the West Wing of the White House—because she censored a flag they didn’t like.

They fell for that—and they just keep falling for it.


Fair play seeks what is right—not who is right.

Our world would be a much better place if we all lived by this teaching of the late Zig Ziglar.

You Democratic voters still support the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley because she censored a historical flag that you did not like.

You Republican voters still support the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley because she refuses to censure a diabolical regime that you do like.

But fair play seeks what is right—not who is right.

And if you seek what is right—not who is right—you will stop making excuses for the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley, and you will start petitioning President Trump to remove her from his cabinet.

Get off the fence.


“He loved the truth; he served God and country.  Let us go and do likewise.”

Dr. Charles Minnigerode, speaking of Jefferson Davis

December 11, 1889


“It is only the atheist who adopts success as a criterion of right.  It is not a new thing in the history of men that God appoints to the brave and true the stern task of contending, and falling, in a righteous quarrel.”

Rev. Robert L. Dabney

December, 1868


“Fair play seeks what is right–not who is right.”

More than any other teaching I’ve ever heard in my life, I try to live by this one from the late Zig Ziglar.

But politicians, like Nikki Haley, do exactly the opposite–everything with those bastards is a double standard.

While Nikki Haley was reluctantly doing her obligatory survey outside the scene of Dylann Roof’s massacre of nine parishioners of Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, she was approached by an NBC reporter.

The reporter asked Haley if she would consider doing anything at all to strengthen the gun laws in the state of which she was governor.

Haley indicated she absolutely would not.  She made it very clear that Dylann Roof’s gun had nothing to do with that mass murder–and that only Dylann Roof was to blame.

Haley made the arguably valid statement that whenever something like this happened, everyone wanted to blame it on something.

Then Nikki Haley did exactly that.  She blamed the mass murder committed by Dylann Roof, in Charleston, on a Confederate battle flag beside a Confederate memorial monument in Columbia, South Carolina.

Nikki Haley implied that a Confederate battle flag displayed beside a Confederate memorial monument had inspired Dylann Roof to murder nine people in a church. She emphatically suggested that a flag had caused the murder of nine people.

Republican Nikki Haley began a program of gross infringement on our First-Amendment right to freedom of speech, simply to avoid any discussion of our Second-Amendment right to keep and bear arms–a program that is still being carried out, almost exclusively by Republican state and local politicians.

Nikki Haley cared not about what was right, but who was right–who being the Republican Party (the Republican Party being the darling of the NRA).

Now, as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, she’s threatening the United Nations Human Rights Council with a U.S. withdrawal from it–because, as she claims, the United Nations is “bullying” Israel (the Zionist State)–which has been bullying Palestinian Arabs since 1948.

Nikki Haley cares not about what is right, but who is right–who being the Republican Party (the Republican Party being the darling of the Zionist State).

Everything with Nikki Haley is a double standard.

Nikki Haley will tell anything but the truth, expecting enough people to buy her lies–no matter how preposterous.

And sadly, enough people do.

This is why the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley is the most dangerous politician in the United States today.

And she will remain so, unless enough people stop buying her lies.

Fair play seeks what is right–not who is right.

Nikki Haley seeks the opposite–and takes it for granted that enough other people will do the same.

This is what makes Nikki Haley so dishonorable.