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It is obvious that Donald Trump is too ignorant to understand the difference between a religion and its adherents.  In saying, “I think Islam hates us,” Trump indicates that he is not thinking at all.  He might as well say he thinks that Christianity hates us, or that Judaism hates us, or that Buddhism hates us, or that Hinduism hates us.

No, Islam doesn’t hate us–a religion cannot hate anyone.

There are Muslims who have good reason to hate our federal government though. Our federal government–the United States Government–began, and is perpetuating this “global war on terrorism” that has no rules, no definitions, and no end–this “global war on terrorism” that is killing and displacing thousands upon thousands of Muslim men, women, and children.

And our federal government–the United States Government–established (with the help of other federal governments of predominantly Christian countries) a Jewish nationalist regime on land already inhabited by predominantly Muslim Palestinians for over 1300 years, in 1948.  This Zionist State included the city of Jerusalem–a city as holy to Muslims as to Christians and Jews.  In fact this Zionist State–this exclusively Jewish nationalist regime–chose Jerusalem to be its capital.  And our federal government–the United States Government–is still the primary supporter of this Zionist State.

Establishing this Zionist State was the worst thing the Christian West could do to the Muslim East.  And supporting this Zionist State is the worst thing our federal government–the United States Government–can do to the Muslim world.

Though I voted for John McCain in 2008, I knew Barack Obama would almost certainly win.

And there were two things I hoped Barack Obama would do, as President of the United States.

Because Barack Obama would be the first Black president of the United States, he would be the first U.S. president in any position to be candid with Black Americans, in general.  He would be in a position to encourage Black Americans to stop blaming White Americans and police officers for all of their problems, and start taking responsibility for their own actions.  And I hoped he would do this.

But he hasn’t–in fact, President Obama has actually used his executive power to perpetuate distrust of White Americans and police officers among Black Americans.

And because Barack Obama’s father was Muslim, he would be the first U.S. president with any personal reason to care about the plight of Muslims–especially in Occupied Palestine.  He could be the U.S. president who would stop our federal government’s support of the Zionist State, once and for all.

But he hasn’t.  He did suggest to that Zionist Nazi Netanyahu that he withdraw the current Israeli territory back to that given the goddamned Zionist Jews by goddamned Western governments (especially ours) in 1948.  But Netanyahu refused, and Obama backed down–just as Obama backed down when Vladimir Putin commanded Obama not to order airstrikes against the Assad regime in response to its use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people–after promising the American people he would do so.

I even voted for Barack Obama in 2012–still hoping he would do either of these two things (Mitt Romney was a puppet of the Zionist Jews).

President Obama can still be candid with Black Americans, in general.  And President Obama can still stop our federal government’s support of the Zionist State, once and for all–it’s not too late, until he leaves office next year.

It frustrates and angers me that, as a proud, card-carrying independent voter, I am not allowed to vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary in Florida Tuesday.  I understand why it might be unfair for an independent voter to be allowed to vote in both primaries.  But I certainly feel that an independent voter should be allowed to vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary.

And I’m not about to change my voting status–especially since the Republican Party begun, and is perpetuating this cultural genocide against the American South–this posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America that is destructive as hell to the United States of America–at the demands of anti-Southern Democrats.

Nevertheless, I’ve done some online research in order to find alternative candidates to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton whom I can recommend to my fellow Floridians.

After seeing Marco Rubio proudly addressing Zionist Jews (not to mention proudly accepting the endorsement of that goddamned Nikki Haley–who did nothing to keep bastards like Dylann Roof from obtaining guns again, but began this cultural genocide against the American South, this posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America, instead), I have done some online research to find out which candidates are not puppets of the goddamned Zionist Jews.

And I am shocked at what I have found:

All of the candidates (including Donald Trump–and especially Hillary Clinton) are puppets of the Zionist Jews, except the only candidate who is actually Jewish–Bernie Sanders.

That’s right.  If Bernie Sanders is elected, he will be the first Jewish president of the United States.

And though it may seem counterintuitive, coming from a fervent anti-Zionist like me, this might actually be a very good thing.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who cares about the Palestinian people at all.  He’s not anti-Zionist–but he’s not Zionist either.  According to his website, Sanders favors a two-state solution–a Palestinian state alongside the Zionist State.  And he is the only candidate who favors this two-state solution.

In short, Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic or Republican candidate who–if elected President of the United States–might stop our federal government’s support of the Zionist State.  And as our first Jewish president, Sanders would have the most power and influence to do so.

Furthermore, President Bernie Sanders would have the knowledge, influence, and power to expose the Zionist elite, once and for all.  He could explain to the American people why the plight of the Palestinian people should matter to us.  He could confirm to the American people that American Christians are brainwashed into supporting the Zionist State by the Zionist Jews who control every industry of our mass media in the United States.  And he could reveal to the American people just how much power and influence Zionist Jews maintain in our federal government, through the likes of such Zionists as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Of course President Bernie Sanders would be more likely than a Republican president to nominate a leftist Supreme Court justice to fill the late Justice Scalia’s seat.

But unlike Hillary Clinton–who is every bit as arrogant and self-serving as Donald Trump–President Bernie Sanders would probably be willing to work with the majority-Republican Congress to get this situation resolved in a reasonable manner.

If I were allowed to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary Tuesday, I would certainly choose the Democratic primary, and choose Bernie Sanders.

But since I’m not, I ask Democratic voters to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary Tuesday.

Vote for the Jewish candidate–seriously.


Anywhere else in the Southern United States, the actions of local governments regarding the Confederate Flag controversy may be about something else–but here in Escambia County, Florida, the latest action of the local government is about government censorship.

And I didn’t even realize this until after I’d written the last sentence in the following letter-to-the-editor I submitted to the Pensacola News Journal:

I was hoping Pensacola would be spared this misplaced hysteria concerning the Confederate Flag; since the Confederate Battle Flag was replaced with the First Confederate Flag many years ago.  But I was sadly mistaken.

The Escambia County Commission’s decision to replace the First Confederate Flag with the State Flag of Florida is insulting to the intelligence of all residents of Greater Pensacola.  We know that Spain, France, Britain, and the United States all participated in slavery in the Americas, just as the Confederate States did.  And the State of Florida participated in slavery too. The Confederate States of America may not have been any better than the four other nations in Pensacola’s history; but it was certainly no worse.  And it made positive contributions to the culture of our city, just as the other four nations did.

Since the Escambia County Commission has resolved never to fly any design of the Confederate Flag again; it must also remove the flags of the other four nations of Pensacola’s history and heritage, with the possible exception of the Flag of the United States.

One cannot censor part of history without censoring all of history.


Above is a link to a Youtube slideshow of the unprecedented flooding here in Escambia County, Florida.  (It also flooded badly in Florida counties east of this one, and in Alabama and Mississippi counties west of this one.)

I’ve heard of flash flooding before, but this is the first time I’ve actually experienced it. 

I hate it.  My toilets have been backing up because they’re connected to a septic tank, which is obviously filled with water from the saturated ground.  I’ve spent over a hundred dollars on Rid-X, alone–just to keep these toilets flushing.

But I’ve gotten off easy.  The problems I’m having are nothing compared to those of so many other people all around me.  Seeing, first-hand, the damage on area roads–to vehicles, to houses, to people’s livelihoods–has really put my minor plumbing problem in perspective.