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Sent: Tue, Dec 12, 2017 4:53 pm


I appreciate your time and consideration, in reading this email.

For a long time now, I’ve been very concerned about the direction our country, the United States, is taking.

Since 2012, I’ve been especially concerned about the destructive impact that unrestrained Digital-Age technology—particularly cellular technology (cellphones and smartphones) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, et al)—is having on our country.

And since June 22, 2015, I’ve been especially concerned about an ongoing trend of state and local politicians censoring their constituents’ historical flags, and destroying their constituents’ historical monuments—without their constituents’ consent.  This posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America is destructive to the United States of America—and I have been doing all I can to bring awareness to it, and to elicit the help of my fellow Southern Americans, my fellow Americans, and my fellow human beings worldwide, in stopping this destructive trend.

I have started two petitions on the website,, on which I would appreciate your adding your signature to mine.

The first is to President Trump, requesting that he remove Nikki Haley from his presidential cabinet—because Nikki Haley is the initial perpetrator of this posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America, and because Nikki Haley is being rewarded for her exploitation of a mass murder.

The second is to Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward and the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners to return the First Confederate Flag to its rightful place in Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays—the historical flags displays of the five nations under which Pensacola, Florida, has lived and thrived.  These local politicians have censored the First Confederate Flag from our historical flags displays since June 24, 2015—without our consent.  They have not even let us vote on this.

Our country, the United States of America, is in serious danger of self-destruction.  The sociopolitical chaos our country is experiencing in this Digital Age is unprecedented in its history.  And this sociopolitical chaos—driven by unrestrained Digital-Age technology—is spreading all over our world.

Most of us seem to be pretending that everything is fine—as if our country’s problems will simply go away if we ignore them.  But this is never the case—no country’s problems simply go away, as if by magic.

Many of us are quite aware of the danger posed to our country, but feel so powerless to do anything about it that we just give up—we just do nothing, and look forward to our deaths, or to a Biblical event that will require no action on our part.

Of course, neither of these approaches is ever effective.

We can turn our country—and our world—around.  But we can only do this together—and with small, incremental actions.

And signing online petitions is a way of taking small, incremental actions together.

Please click on the links below, and—unless either of these petitions is against everything you believe in—add your signature to these online petitions.  Your signature will be greatly appreciated—perhaps more than you know.

And if you want to learn more about the issues mentioned in this email, you are welcome to view my blog, Solosocial, at, and to comment on posts, if you so desire.

Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Scott Wesley Mayo


Roe v. Wade must be overturned because it is murdering children, because it is infringing on the rights of our states and the citizens of our states—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

Obergefell v. Hodges must be overturned because it is damaging children’s minds by completely confusing them about sexuality, because it is infringing on the rights of our states and the citizens of our states—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

Our federal government’s support of the Zionist State of Israel must be stopped because it is diverting billions of our tax dollars every year, without our consent, to maintain a genocidal, foreign regime that was illegally established over seventy years ago—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

Our American corporations’ outsourcing of our American service and manufacturing jobs to foreign countries must be stopped because it is treason, not free enterprise, and because it is destroying our economy, and making us jobless, desperately poor, and homeless—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

This “Global War on Terrorism” must be stopped because it is misusing and abusing our American troops—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

This state and local government-imposed censorship of our Confederate flags and monuments must be stopped because Confederate history is American history—the posthumous extermination of the Confederate States of America is destructive to the United States of America—and because it is damaging our American conscience.

The censored Confederate flags and monuments must go back up, the cell towers must come down—and every effort must be made to provide free landline telephone service to all of us Americans, including free public landline telephones distributed as widely as possible.


If you close your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and rid yourselves of your cellphones and smartphones, you can avoid a lot of headaches and heartaches—and even prevent tragedies.

Just sayin’


I left feedback for a Canadian official in Florida, on an editorial she had written—on that same form.

And all you have done is reply with an automated response telling me absolutely nothing at all.

This is why America, Canada, and the rest of the world is going to hell—robots.

Scott Mayo


Though the term, politically correct, was coined in 1936, the term, political correctness, wasn’t coined until 1990.

And we can be reasonably sure that the term, politically correct, wasn’t generally used until 1990 either.

The term, sexual harassment, was coined in 1975.  But it wasn’t used much until the early 1990s.

The term, anti-Semitism, was coined in 1882, by Zionist Jews, to silence all critics of Zionism—even Jewish ones.  If one was opposed to Zionism—and later the Zionist State of Israel—one was labeled, anti-Semitic, indicating that he or she was necessarily opposed to Jews, even if he or she was Jewish.

The term, transsexual, was coined in 1957, as a purely clinical term.

The term, transgender, or transgendered, was coined in 1979—also as a purely clinical term.

When did mass shootings, including school shootings, become a thing—a regular occurence?

In the late 1990s.

When did sexual harassment become a weaponized word used by women to falsely accuse any men to whom they were not attracted, but who were attracted to them?

In the early 1990s.

What happened in the same year that the term, political correctness, was coined?

When did the term, transsexual, fall out of use, and the term, transgender, or transgendered, become more than a clinical term?

When was (where guilt is present) added to homosexuality in the list of psychosexual disorders—and when was homosexuality censored from that list, altogether?

When was gender-identity disorder censored from the list of psychosexual disorders, altogether?

When was psychoanalysis replaced with cognitive behavioral therapy?

When was psychiatric healthcare replaced with behavioral healthcare?

When were the terms, sociopath, and, psychopath, censored from the psychological lexicon?

When was the term, mentally retarded replaced with the terms, developmentally disabledintellectually challenged, and even special.

When were the mentally ill condescendingly assigned the meaningless term, consumers?

How did negro become colored, colored become black, and black become African-American—when in fact most Americans of African descent are no more African-American than most Americans of European descent are European-American, or most Americans of Asian descent are Asian-American?

Why is it Black Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter Too?

Why are the black lives taken by white law-enforcement officers the only black lives that matter to Black Lives Matter—and why does Black Lives Matter viciously take the black lives of blacks who don’t agree with it?

Why was it called the Feminist Movement, not the Humanist Movement—or the Equality Movement?

Why do those who consider all capital punishment murder never consider any abortion homicide?

Why has the Civil Rights Movement been so effective, and the Feminist Movement so ineffective?

When did slavery become human trafficking?

When did rape become sexual assault?

What is the meaning of selfiefoodiepeeps, and other meaningless, cutesy words?

What the hell is LGBT(Q)(I)(A)?

And what the hell is #MeToo?

Those who think everything is a conspiracy are mistaken.

Those who think nothing is a conspiracy—that there are no conspiracies—are far more mistaken.

Of all the conspiratorial terms listed above, the only one whose conspiratorial purpose has always been blatantly obvious is anti-Semitism.

The conspiratorial purposes of most other weaponized words are far more subtle.  Yet these conspiratorial purposes—and consequences—must be examined by those who value truth.

Those who don’t value truth aren’t reading this post anyway.



#BlackLivesMatter says: “No law enforcement officer has the right to kill an unarmed black person just because that law enforcement officer feels threatened by that unarmed black person.”

#MeToo says: “Any woman can have any man arrested for sexual harassment or assault, and charged with sexual harassment or assault, just because she feels threatened by that man.”

Do you see the hypocrisy in this?


Mr. Johnson:

I listened to much of your program on desegregating the schools—until you urged that privileged, Generation-Y brat to compare her situation today with any of the situations those brave, once-young women of the 1950s and 1960s faced.

Mr. Johnson, why did you even bother asking that Generation-Y snowflake if things were any better now—did you really expect that mindless smartphone-addict to tell you the truth?

She had no respect for her elders or ancestors—none of these Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats have any respect for their elders or ancestors.

And Mr. Johnson, you show no respect for your elders or ancestors either, in allowing Generation-Y brats, who have never truly suffered a day in their privileged lives, to even dare compare their lives with those of their elders and ancestors, who have.  You should not host those Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats at all—they are as mindless, godless, and inhuman as the mindless, godless, and inhuman smartphones to which they are addicted.

Scott Mayo

Pensacola, Florida


Mr. Joshua Lars Weill (“Ragnarok T. Smiff”):

“Good to see he dressed up for the occasion.  I’m surprised he wore shoes.”

Tweets like this are one reason I don’t get a Twitter account.

Judging from this and other tweets of yours, you seem to enjoy trashing any whites with whom you disagree—indicating that any whites with whom you disagree are trash, to you.

That’s pathetic.

You seem to be like most Americans—on the left and the right—who never use the greatest research tool ever developed for research, only for cheap entertainment.

You are welcome to consider signing my two online petitions, links to which are provided below—and to visit my blog, Solosocial, a link to which is provided below.

It might be good for you to actually learn something on the Internet, for a change.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Mayo

Pensacola, Florida . . .


Ms. Hollander,

Who the hell do you think you are?

You are just another White kid from a privileged background, who has never truly suffered a day in her life.

Yet you just know that Bill Cosby is guilty, don’t you?

And you just know that all men take advantage of all women, every day, don’t you?

And you just know that no women take advantage of any men, any day, don’t you?

You Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats are ruining our world.

You don’t know how to do math on paper, you don’t know how to spell, and you don’t know how to use correct grammar.

You also never question anything the press tells you—or anything that liberal politicians tell you.

In fact, you never question anything at all.

You have no manners—and you have no respect for anyone or anything.

You are totally self-absorbed—and all you ever do is keep your heads up your apps, oblivious to everyone and everything around you.

Ms. Hollander, there is simply nothing good about you Generation-Y and Generation-Z bastards at all.

You are the most worthless human beings in human history, and I just wish to God we could expel you all from our planet—or at least disable all of the goddamned cell towers in the world, so we could at least wake you bastards up.

God damn you all to hell.

Scott Wesley Mayo

Pensacola, Florida


Proud member of Generation X—the last good generation at all