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Yep–that’s actually a word!  If you Google it, you’ll find articles about the Picts–ancient people of Scotland.  The Picts had no written language–this word was written on a stone, and is one of the only known written words (or names) from their bygone language.  It was written in the Roman alphabet, of course, so they’d obviously had some contact with Roman-occupied Britain. 

But nobody knows what besmeqqnanammovvez means.  And this is what draws me to it most.  In fact, I posted it on one of my kitchen cabinet doors many years ago–after getting it out of a book.  Ah–just found the book!  ANCIENT SCOTLAND, by Stewart Ross.  Yet in Googling images related to the word, I encountered something that almost made me forget the idea of this post (how precious a word or name from a bygone language could be). 

And, as is often the case, it has nothing to do with the term Googled.  This is one of the most erotic illustrations I’ve ever seen–not just because the woman is so hot, but because her surroundings are also.  It is especially inviting to me now, during this, the coldest winter I have ever experienced in my life.  If only I could jump in, and join her!

Presenting La Dame Sombre, from



If you have a blog, Google the name of your blog.  Then look at the images under the name.  You’ll be shocked!  At first, you’ll see familiar images you’ve included on your site–but the further along you go, you’ll see stuff that has nothing to do with your blog!  Case in point–after a while, I’ve come across alot of marijuana that I swear I’ve never pictured on my blog!  I cannot resist posting this explosive photo of Christina Hendricks I’ve never featured on my blog–in fact it may be better than any of the ones I have!  Yet I found it by simply Googling my blog name!  (Caution: Always clear your search history after googling the name of your blog–not to mention your first and last name or any other such personal stuff.  Do this by Googling any old word you want, then clearing your search history.  In this most paranoid of times, you never know what secrets the Feds may ascribe to you, listening in on your phone conversations and screening everything you write!  Oh–if only I were that important!)