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Here are three┬ámore timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department returns to Tulsa, Oklahoma . . .

Where jurors were being questioned about their availability for a week-long trial in the courtroom of Judge Thomas Brett.

One prospective juror asked to be excused.

He said his wife was going to “conceive a baby”.

Judge Brett asked, “Don’t you mean she is going to deliver a baby?”

The man said, “No–she is going to conceive a baby.”

Judge excused him from jury duty . . .

Said he was not sure he understood but, he said, “Either way you ought to be there.”

March 26, 1981


Our For What It’s Worth Department knows that when Grey Baker goes golfing in Jackson, Mississippi–he has taken his three-year-old grandson Trevor along as a companion . . .

The boy has been learning the game by watching.

Last week Grandpa Baker bought the lad a set of play golf clubs of his own.

This past weekend–during a family cookout in the backyard–the little lad who’d learned golf by observing Grandpa announced, “Watch me!”

And he said a no-no word and threw his golf club up into the pear tree.

November 3, 1986


Our For What It’s Worth Department knows Vice President Dan Quayle is on the campaign trail–in Champaign-Urbana–campaining for an Illinois politician, Representative Lynn Martin.

Organizers of the political rally got schoolchildren excused from school for the parade–asked the youngsters to wave and cheer when the motorcade came by.

And they did.

They did indeed wave and cheer.

Only trouble was that the first motorcade to come by was a FUNERAL!

September 24, 1990