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In 2000, the Confederate Battle Flag in Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays was replaced with the First Confederate Flag (a.k.a. the Stars and Bars).

Yet on June 24, 2015, Republican Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward censored the First Confederate Flag–by replacing it with the State Flag of Florida.  He did this without the consent of his constituents.

Then on June 25, 2015, all five members of the Escambia County Commission–Republican Doug Underhill, Republican Grover C. Robinson IV, Republican Steven Barry, Republican Wilson Robertson (whose seat is now occupied by Republican Jeff Bergosh), and Democrat Lumon May–chose to keep the First Confederate Flag censored from Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays.  They did this without the consent of their constituents–including me.

The First Confederate Flag remains censored from our Five-Flags Displays–without our consent.  We have not even been allowed to vote on this.  Because our historical flags displays belong to us, all the people of Escambia County, Florida–not to the politicians who have censored them–this government-imposed censorship is a gross infringement on our First-Amendment right to freedom of speech.

The censorship of the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays is historically inaccurate.  The State of Florida was a nation only according to one obscure source on the Internet–and only for two or three weeks in 1861.  And according to this source, that Republic of Florida’s flag was of a totally different design than that of the State of Florida.

The censorship of the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays is also downright ridiculous.  Although African slavery was practiced in the Confederate States, African slavery continued to be practiced in the United States–in Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri–until the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified by senators and representatives of both the United States and the Occupied Confederate States, in December, 1865 (Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was simply a propaganda tool to elicit the support of Britain and France, because it only applied to the Confederate States–the remaining slave states of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri were exempt from it).

And Spain, France, and Britain were three of the five European powers that brought African slaves to the Americas, in the first place (the other two were Portugal and the Netherlands).

Politicians who censor flags from their constituents’ historical flags displays–especially without their constituents’ consent–are control freaks.

And control freaks are weird.