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And here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Grit tells our For What It’s Worth Department . . .

A woman from Lansing, Michigan, was vacationing in Florida . . .

Found a secluded spot on the roof of the hotel for sunbathing . . .

Took off her clothing to get tan all over.

Within half an hour the hotel manager was beside her insisting that she cover up.

No, he agreed, nobody was in sight . . .

But she was stretched out on the dining room skylight!

February 15, 1980


The Sullivan, Missouri, Independent News informs our For What It’s Worth Department . . .

Four high school boys skipped morning classes . . .

Arrived late to tell the teacher the car they shared had a flat tire.

She smiled sympathetically.  But the teacher explained they’d missed a test that morning.

So she told the boys to take seats apart from one another, get out paper and pencil and answer this question:

“Which tire was flat?”

September 24, 1986