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Mr. Fagan,

You seem to be surprised that Republican John Bel Edwards is as callous as Democrat Mitch Landrieu.

The Democratic Party has been completely overtaken by liberals since November 22, 1963—and you seem to be aware of this.

But Mr. Fagan, are you aware that the Republican Party has been completely overtaken by neocons (neoconservatives) since June 22, 2015?

And Mr. Fagan, are you aware that the neocons are returning the Republican Party to its historical platform of imperialism and totalitarianism?

And Mr. Fagan, are you aware that there is essentially no difference between liberals (who misrepresent themselves as progressives) and neocons (who misrepresent themselves as conservatives)—and that the liberals and neocons, having completely subverted both the Democratic and Republican parties, are now completely subverting the United States of America, through the now-subversive Democratic and Republican parties?

Mr. Fagan, this is really far out stuff—maybe I’m just delusional, mindlessly spinning conspiracy theories about both the Democratic and Republican parties.

But maybe not—maybe I’m absolutely right on.  And maybe it’s time for Democratic and Republican voters to abandon both the Democratic and Republican parties—and join us independent and third-party voters who are only interested in bringing our government, and our country, back to the people.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Mayo

Pensacola, Florida



The silent majority does not stand with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The silent majority knows that either would destroy this nation, as President.

The silent majority voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, everyone but Donald Trump in the Republican primaries–and no one at all in either, because independent voters were not allowed to vote in the primaries.

And the silent majority cannot be silent anymore.

Somehow, the silent majority must support a single candidate to defeat both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

And this single candidate must step forward immediately.

And the silent majority must support this single candidate immediately.

The silent majority knows this nation cannot stand with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as President.

And the silent majority cannot be silent anymore.


I love this!  Can’t write much for this one, haven’t drank alcohol (before tonight) since last April, so I’m somewhat out of practice!  As aforementioned, the only times I’m at peace are when I’m drunk or when I’m asleep!  It’s been this way for over four years now.  So much has changed since 2010–not just in my personal life, but in the society time in which I live exist.  I would give everything–except my soul–including my bodily existence–just to be placed back in the 1980’s, the 1970’s, the 1960’s, or any time before my birth, within the last 100,000 years (or as long as fully evolved modern humans could keep me company)–provided I would retain the knowledge of the present and past (otherwise, I wouldn’t appreciate it).  I love that anti-Obama bumper sticker that says something like, “I’LL KEEP MY GUNS, MY MONEY, AND MY FREEDOM.  YOU CAN KEEP THE CHANGE!”  It’s not as simple as that, of course.  Most of the changes for the worse are not attributable to one person–Barack Obama, or anyone else.  But I say to fate, to God, to the heavens, to whatever–YOU CAN KEEP THE CHANGE!  As aforementioned, I don’t hate change, in itself.  I just hate change that is only for the worse.  And in the last four years, every change has been for the worse.  I can think of no change that has been for the better.  God help us–this really is the worst time, age, era, epoch, period in human history!  I know this.  And there are others like me–scattered all over the planet–who also know it.  Most people don’t know it because they’re so pacified by Digital-Age technology.  But eventually, everyone will know it.  Yet I realize I’ve gone over this before.  When telling people about my blog, I often mention that I actually use my blog to condemn this unrestrained technology–that I literally use Digital-Age technology to condemn Digital-Age technology!  Well, so be it.  I use the tool(s) at hand.


Yet I must say I am grateful to live in a nation that allows me to write so freely as this–at least for now.  If you continue to elect either a Republican or Democrat for President–your freedom and mine will be completely taken away.  The next Republican President will be far more dangerous and destructive than any before him (her)–the next Democratic President will be far more dangerous and destructive than any before him (her).  If you continue voting for one or the other, you will bring an end to the United States of America.  And no third-party President will help either–he or she will just complicate things further–because he or she will still be controlled by a political party.  In the election of 2012, there was no independent candidate on the ballot–there were third-party candidates–but there was no independent candidate at all.  So I made the mistake most others made–I voted for whom I thought was the lesser of two evils–I voted for Obama.  Next time, in 2016, if there is no independent candidate on the ballot I’m going to vote for myself–as a write-in.  I’m serious.  You can do that, you know.  You can even vote for “Mickey Mouse”–it’s perfectly legal (though I wouldn’t recommend that).  But I will recommend this:  If there is no independent candidate (not a third-party candidate, but an independent candidate) on the ballot in 2016–and you feel it necessary to vote for an independent candidate–and you feel you would make as good a president as anyone else on the ballot–then vote for yourself, as a write-in.  Seriously, there are millions of Americans who would make better presidents–much better presidents–than seasoned corrupted politicians.  I even recall a sticker I saw on the cabinets of several schoolteachers in the teachers’ lounges when I was substitute-teaching–“IT’S TOO BAD THOSE WHO COULD BEST RUN THE COUNTRY ARE BUSY TEACHING SCHOOL!”  And that’s really right on.  There are many teachers who would make very good presidents–but there also many police officers, construction workers, secretaries, and especially soldiers and sailors (notice I don’t mention doctors, lawyers, etc.) who would make good presidents.  My point is that the true public servants in our society–not the self-serving politicians–but the true public servants, or even unemployed humanities graduates like me–would make better presidents.

One of the reasons George Washington was the best President this country ever had was that he was not a career politician to begin with.  And one of the reasons Ross Perot probably would have been the second-best President this country ever had was that he was not a career politician to begin with.

But I’ve said enough–make up your own mind.

Now I’m going to do something mindless (or near-mindless), like watch television!