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There is an explanation for everything.  The unexplained is only that which we cannot explain–that for which we don’t know the explanation.  But it still has an explanation.  The question is not whether everything has an explanation, but who knows the explanation.  The explanations for some things are known by only a few people–others by only one person.  Yet for most things, only the Creator knows the explanation.  Some people, for example, know if there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy–and, if so, who was behind the conspiracy.  But no one knows what ghosts are–at least to anyone else’s knowledge.  And no one knows why bad things happen to good people–more specifically, why so many people suffer so much more than so many others. This is something only the Creator knows–God sees the truth, but waits.

And for many things–maybe even most–there are many explanations.

Yet there is an explanation for everything, whether we know the explanation or not.