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Bookends+maidenformIt’s strange how alcohol makes me feel like writing.  Honestly, I’ve written nothing but these posts since October.  That month, I wrote a poem.  At this time, I’m more interested in getting what I’ve already written published than writing anything new.  What’s the point in writing if no one will ever read what you’ve written?  This year, my writers’ group publishes its biennial literary review, and I plan to submit everything that it will possibly accept. 

I’ve never written a novel–I’ve started several, but have always gotten involved in writing something else.  There are two kinds of people in this world (theoretically): creators and maintainers.  Creators constantly make new things, but have difficulty finishing what they’ve begun.  Maintainers keep things going, but have difficulty starting new things.  Without creators, society would stagnate.  Without maintainers, society would deteriorate.  We need both creators and maintainers.

Have you ever read any life-changing books–the kind that enlighten you to such an extent that your entire life changes?  I have.  None of them are novels–all are nonfiction.  The first was See You at the Top, by Zig Ziglar.  This book changed my life.  Then I read Iron John: A Book about Men, by Robert Bly, and The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck.  These books changed my life.  Next, I read Jesus: A Life, by A.N. Wilson, and The Lost Gospel: The Book of ‘Q’ and Christian Origins, by Burton Mack.  These books changed my life.  And finally I read Men, Women and Relationships and Mars and Venus on a Date, by John Gray.  And these books changed my life.

Speaking of books, I’ve never read any by Anne Rice–just seen the films, “Interview with the Vampire” (one of the best I’ve ever seen) and “Queen of the Damned” (one of the worst I’ve ever seen)–but I’ve always found the writer quite attractive.

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