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Column is erroneous propaganda

“I like Troy Moon.  We’ve met at a local surf shop and Pensacon.  I find his columns evocative, his humor refreshing.  (You know there’s a ‘But’ coming) BUT, his column of August 19, ‘What Side of History Will We be On?,’ left me disappointed at his surrender (hopefully temporary) of sound logic and common sense, to the currently prevailing sentiments of some in our country after the tragedy in Charlottesville.  His self-professed Southern bonafides, i.e., enjoying sweet tea and having the good fortune to be raised saying, ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no sir,’ hardly excuses his perceived ignorance of the historic complexities of the Civil War and the sovereignty of states.  Relax local chapters of ANTIFA.  Don’t read any justification for the evils of slavery here.

“Sadly, in today’s rabid, media-hyped environment, one feels the need to quantify any disagreement with the erroneous propaganda currently spewed, which allows that evil is OK when fighting evil.  As ugly as Nazism and racism are, that doesn’t give us a pass as Americans to punch, pummel and club someone whose right to free speech you disagree with.  So, Troy advocates ‘literally’ fighting, but don’t equate yourselves with the heroes of D-Day, please!”

Bruce Towson, Milton

Pensacola News Journal, Saturday, September 16, 2017


Madeleine Stowe appears again and again among my search engine terms.  I can certainly understand why.  Here are two websites devoted to the lovely actress: