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And here’s another timeless item from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department understands Bob’s Famous Ice Cream Parlor in Bethesda, Maryland, was robbed but . . .

Manager Nathan Peabody was warned in time.

By telephone:

“You are the manager?  Listen carefully.  This is the police.  You are going to be robbed.  Do NOT resist.  Let the robber have your money.  Our police will be waiting for him right outside your store and we need to catch him with the money on him.  Thank you for your cooperation.”

Mr. Peabody cooperated.

Man with scruffy beard and a knife came in, demanded money.

Mr. Peabody emptied the cash register and gave it to him.

The bearded man with the knife took the money and left the store and kept going and kept going . . .

Then Mr. Peabody called police and said, “I have been had!”

March 26, 1986