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And here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Larry Stone of Paducah, Kentucky, tells our For What It’s Worth Department that he was recently on a plane from St. Louis preparing to land in Los Angeles.

He was in the washroom . . .

When he heard a rap on the door and a woman’s voice said:  “Don’t forget to wash your hands, comb your hair and zip up your pants before you come out!”

Larry did as he was told.

Then came out to be greeted by a woman who suddenly turned beet red and almost fainted.

She said she’d thought her young son was in there.

Larry said he didn’t mind being reminded.

October 18, 1990


Mrs. Patricia Pitt of Ogden, Utah, tells our For What It’s Worth Department that she presented her own small children . . .

With a videocassette . . .

And told them to have fun . . .

Which they did . . .

For forty minutes . . .

Watching what’s called a “skin flick”.

Forty minutes of steamy pornography.

Mrs. Pitt, horrified when she found out what it was, says she had not examined the cassette carefully when she’d rented it.

She’d noted only that the Disney cartoon character GOOFY was on the label.

She had not even read the title:  The Nine Ages of Nakedness.

Her youngsters, all under age six, thought it was “funny”.

August 9, 1984