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“Today, you are required to express your belief in egalitarianism so you can keep earning enough to escape its consequences.”

Virginia Dare

Twitter contributor


“The South is still being subjected to an outrageous tyranny.  When the victors occupy the territory of the defeated for a long period, they are able to reshape history so well as to glorify enormous evil and shame righteous courage.  It is a form of tyranny more evil than the initial conquest.  Ignorance and cowardice enshrine as good what in truth was enormous evil.  Truth and courageous dissent from lies and distortions are not celebrated in societies where might has come to mean right.  Truth is displaced by self-justifying propaganda.  Nobility is crushed by outrageous slander.

“There are more books written about the ‘Civil War’ than any other topic except Christianity.  Yet most of the real causes of the war have been buried under twenty feet of propaganda.  Self-justifying propaganda is now the prevailing staple of ‘Civil War’ history in public and unfortunately even in most Christian schools.  It presents as a noble struggle against slavery what was really an unconstitutional military aggression to prevent Southern Independence.  This prevailing cover of propaganda serves both to bury uncomfortable history and as a tool for modern political agendas.

“Slavery was an issue that caused many serious tensions, but the full scope and nature of these tensions are largely unknown and badly misunderstood today.  The war was about the right of the Southern people to self-determination and government by the consent of the governed versus being held involuntarily to a Union which experience was proving not to be in their best political and economic interests.

“Has our society been in a moral tail-spin for too long to value truth?  Are Americans still morally capable of dealing honestly with the causes and conduct of the ‘Civil War’?  Once you have built your worldview on a lie, it is very difficult to see the truth, much less to embrace the truth.  But truth, however uncomfortable and unpopular or however deeply buried and trampled, is still truth.  It has a tendency to resurrection, though truth is hard to face after decades of believing lies.  Truth is hard to bear when you have for many years justified yourself and an idolized State with lies.  The standard school texts and teaching on the ‘Civil War’ in both public and Christian schools perpetrate enormous dishonesty as history.

“We now have a generation of Americans including most Southerners who are shamelessly ignorant of their own history.  What history they do know is laced with political deception.  How many high school teachers in the South in both public and Christian schools know anything but propaganda on the causes and conduct of the ‘Civil War’?  How many know the full truth about the Reconstruction era?  What are the penalties for them, if they step outside the chains of political correctness in their study and teaching?

“Yet there are reasons for optimism.  With the internet and many advances in computer technology in publishing, the Eastern liberal establishment is no longer as dominant in the publishing industry as it once was.  The truth about the war is seeping out into the public in newly published works and the republication of many older works.  I am optimistic that despite near fanatical opposition to the true history of that war, courage will eventually rescue truth.”


“Truth and courage are sorely needed in today’s morally disintegrating society.  It is especially important in recovering these virtues to know our true history.  Much of what is published and taught in public schools and colleges today is either a sanitized whitewash or perverted political propaganda.  But I have confidence that even in today’s politically correct climate, truth will not be blotted out.  We cannot, as R. L. Dabney said, ‘bury true history whose years are those of the God of Truth.’  William Cullen Bryant put it a little differently, ‘Truth crushed to the ground shall rise again; the eternal years of God are hers.’  We should also remember the words of Samuel Johnson: ‘Where courage is not, no other virtue can survive except by accident.’  No republic can long survive whose people and leaders are not both devoted to truth and resolute in their courage to maintain it.  Ultimately all courage, including political courage and courage in battle, is moral courage.  Moral courage, more often than not, is tested principally by time, often a long period of time.  I believe we can recover both truth and courage, but we had better get busy, for we are well on the way to destruction.”


From The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths

By Leonard M. Scruggs



150 years ago, the Republican Party was punishing the entire Southern region of the United States for the murderous act of one deranged zealot–John Wilkes Booth.

And 150 years later, the Republican Party is punishing the entire Southern region of the United States for the murderous act of one deranged zealot–Dylann Storm Roof.

Formed in 1854–not for the abolition of slavery, but for the creation of an American empire centered in the industrialized Northern region of the United States–the Republican Party, from the very beginning, was literally pledged against the South.

Now the Republican Party is pledged against the South, once again.

And just as it is time for Democratic voters all over the United States to abandon the Democratic Party, it is time for Republican voters all over the United States to abandon the Republican Party–especially in the South.

Because history is repeating itself.


On June 24, 2015, Republican Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward censored the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays.  He did this without the consent of his constituents.

Mayor Hayward stated, in a press release:

“While the Confederate Flag undeniably represents a part of Pensacola’s history, to many it is a painful symbol of racial hatred and intolerance.”

Mayor Hayward didn’t mention that the “Confederate Flag” he had censored was not the Confederate Battle Flag—but the First Confederate Flag.  This flag:

On June 25, 2015, Escambia County Democratic Women’s Club President Dianne Krumel made this demand of the Escambia County Commission:

“I understand the flags are down, but I want to make it permanent.  I don’t want any chance of those flags going back up.”

All five members of the Escambia County Commission—Republican Doug Underhill, Republican Grover C. Robinson IV, Republican Steven Barry, Republican Wilson Robertson (whose seat is now occupied by Republican Jeff Bergosh), and Democrat Lumon May—gave in to Dianne Krumel’s demand, and chose to keep the First Confederate Flag censored from Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays.  They did this without the consent of their constituents—including me.

This government-imposed censorship of the First Confederate Flag, from our historical flags displays, continues—without our consent.

Yet now there is a way you can help me put a stop to this government-imposed censorship of our historical flags displays here in Greater Pensacola, Florida—and you don’t even have to be a resident of Greater Pensacola, Florida, to do it.

I’ve started an online petition to have the First Confederate Flag returned to its rightful place in Pensacola’s Five-Flags Displays:

Are you as opposed to government-imposed censorship as I am?

Then click on the link above, and sign the petition—and together we can say no to censorship.






Why not?

Words matter—and how you use words matters.

If you want to gain more support for your cause, just add one word to your slogan.

The reason so many people are so hesitant to agree with “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is that the wording is so exclusive.

The reason so few people are hesitant to agree with “ALL LIVES MATTER” is that the wording is so inclusive.

Yet if you add the word, “TOO” to “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” very few people will be hesitant, at all, to agree with you.


Of course they do.


If I were fortunate enough to dine at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant, and I were fortunate enough to encounter this dog, my only “complaint” would be that I couldn’t pet him, hug him, and feed him from my table.