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It was feared that Bewitched would be rejected in the South because of the positive depiction of witchcraft on the show.

It wasn’t.

It was feared that Mr. Spock would be rejected in the South because he so resembled the Devil.

He wasn’t.

It was feared that the Star Trek episode, Plato’s Stepchildren, would be rejected in the South because of the interracial kiss between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols.

It wasn’t.

In 1985, a lovely, young lady from Beverly Hills expressed to me her fear of attending Samford University in Birmingham because she had heard that in Alabama they hanged people, and ran over people with their cars.

They didn’t.

In 1987, a hairstylist in Houston asked me how we dealt with the Klan in Alabama—since the Klan supposedly ran everything there.

We didn’t know anybody in the Klan.

It is commonly believed, all over the United States, that Southern Americans are the most ignorant Americans.

Yet it seems that Americans outside the South are more ignorant about the Southern United States than any other region of the United States.



Of course Foghorn Leghorn is definitely a Southerner!  Honestly, most of us don’t talk like that–which is one of the reasons I so enjoy the Warner Brothers cartoons–they make fun of everybody, they’re full of stereotypes, and they’re politically incorrect as hell!

Yet I was just reminded of this little email I received a while back (and I can get away with this, because I have been a Southerner all my life):

How does a Northerner begin a story?

“Once upon a time…”


How does a Southerner begin a story?

“Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shit!”