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Ms. Hollander,

Who the hell do you think you are?

You are just another White kid from a privileged background, who has never truly suffered a day in her life.

Yet you just know that Bill Cosby is guilty, don’t you?

And you just know that all men take advantage of all women, every day, don’t you?

And you just know that no women take advantage of any men, any day, don’t you?

You Generation-Y and Generation-Z brats are ruining our world.

You don’t know how to do math on paper, you don’t know how to spell, and you don’t know how to use correct grammar.

You also never question anything the press tells you—or anything that liberal politicians tell you.

In fact, you never question anything at all.

You have no manners—and you have no respect for anyone or anything.

You are totally self-absorbed—and all you ever do is keep your heads up your apps, oblivious to everyone and everything around you.

Ms. Hollander, there is simply nothing good about you Generation-Y and Generation-Z bastards at all.

You are the most worthless human beings in human history, and I just wish to God we could expel you all from our planet—or at least disable all of the goddamned cell towers in the world, so we could at least wake you bastards up.

God damn you all to hell.

Scott Wesley Mayo

Pensacola, Florida


Proud member of Generation X—the last good generation at all


“The mass media’s influence on the ethics of public life, as characterized by the press’s watchdog role in monitoring the conduct of government officials, is assumed to be vital to democracy.  The effectiveness of this watchdog role is less clearly understood.  Partial answers are found in the evolving institutional history of the press, including its control, ethics, laws, technology, organization, and the content of news stories.  Just as reporters rarely discuss their ethics in terms of teleology and deontology, the press does not conceptualize in sophisticated terms its impact on the ethics of public employees.  It traditionally finds motivation from the popular belief in watchdog success models from muckraking to Watergate.  As partisanship, news values, and reporting techniques evolve, effectiveness varies.  Research sheds light on media trends but focuses more on presidents than county clerks, more on political campaigns than government process.  Optimism, as new doors and new technology open to reporters, is tempered by competition from the marketplace and the new digital feast promised consumers.”

Warren Francke

January 1, 1995



“Scott Mayo, who walked into the council chambers with a large (First) Confederate flag, told members of the council he attended a protest in Lee Square in August, and the media were the ones who made it a racial issue.

“‘This is something the press keeps lying about, generally speaking,’ Mayo said. ‘It keeps trying to make this a racial issue.  This isn’t a racial issue about the Confederate memorials in this country.  If anything, it’s literally a generational issue.'”

Pensacola News Journal, Saturday, September 16, 2017


The mainstream press is going wild with a transcript of Mitch Landrieu’s speech that he gave, privately, to Democratic and Republican politicians in New Orleans.

Very soon, this speech may be compared to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address–if it hasn’t already been.

Just like Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Mitch Landrieu’s speech is nothing but a piece of deceitful propaganda that is eloquently presented–a document of lies that is beautifully packaged.

But the mainstream press won’t tell us this–because the mainstream press has broadcast nothing but lies since this diabolical Digital-Age began.

And unless Digital-Age Americans get their heads out of their apps, and start questioning the Digital-Age press and the Digital-Age politicians, this is what will probably happen:

Mitch Landrieu will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 2020.

And Nikki Haley will be the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 2020.

Get your heads out of your apps, and love America again.