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“…You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful–I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet.  Just kiss.  I don’t even wait.  And when you’re a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything.”

“…Grab ’em by the pussy.  You can do anything…”

Donald Trump is not suitable to be President of the United States.  But this is not a reason why.  From the moment I heard the private conversation Donald Trump had with Billy Bush in 2005, I was appalled–not at Trump’s words, but at the deceitfulness of the American press, and at the hypocrisy of Republican politicians.

This private conversation was exposed for blatantly political reasons–allegedly by the same Republican politicians who chastised Trump so hypocritically.  We could be sure that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and even Mike Pence had made very similar comments during their lives.  The fact was that no man alive had failed to engage in such “locker room talk” during his life–and no woman either.

And of course the press completely lied about the comments–stating that Trump had bragged about sexually assaulting women–when it was clear that he simply hadn’t.  In this “locker room talk”, Trump was speaking of sexual relations with women–with their consent.  That’s not sexual assault.  Furthermore, he was simply speaking the truth–the same truth that Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Jimi Hendrix had known.

When you’re a star, women will let you do just about anything–even “grab ’em by the pussy.”  Not all women–not even most women–just a lot of women.

I envy President-elect Trump–in fact, I’m jealous of him.  Everyone in the world latches on to his every tweet as if it’s the last word on everything.

I wish I were a star–I wish I were famous.

Yes, if I were famous, women would indeed let me grab their lovely pussies.

Better still, they might let me have wild, wonderful, sexual intercourse with them.

Better still, they might turn their goddamned smartphones off, and actually let me read my poetry and prose to them.

Or enlighten them on some old, forgotten subject–like history.

Or even share with them my ideas on how we could stop changing our world for the worse, and start changing our world for the better–how we could all be human again, and save humanity itself.

If only I were famous.


For a general overview of this Digital-Age hell, read George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (along with countless other literary and cinematic classics).

And for a parody of the place of spectator sport in this Digital-Age hell, read E.B. White’s “The Decline of Sport”.

Yes, spectator sport is as much like war as ever–possibly moreso in this Digital-Age hell.

Yet another development has taken place–definitely more serious than ever in this Digital-Age hell.

War has become a spectator sport.

Another reason to pull the plug on this Digital-Age hell–to shut down the entire Digital-Age system worldwide–somehow.


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We know that Micah Xavier Johnson killed five police officers because of their race–he had made his motive clear in statements he’d written.

But we don’t know that Alton Sterling was killed because of his race.

And we don’t know that Philando Castile was killed because of his race.

And unless the officers involved in those shootings state that they were racially motivated, we cannot fairly conclude that they were.

For all we know, if Alton Sterling had been of the same race as the officer who shot him, he would still be dead.

And for all we know, if Philando Castile had been of the same race as the officer who shot him, he would still be dead.

We assume that these two men were killed because of their race–but we do not know this.

Years ago, in an Introduction to Oriental Philosophy class, I was introduced to a play on the word assume.




The person who videoed the shooting of Alton Sterling did not make an ass of you and me.

Diamond Reynolds did not make an ass of you and me.

But the press did.

The fact is that the press has been making an ass of you and me for a very long time.

It made an ass of you and me in 1991–by showing a heavily edited cut of the videotaped Rodney King incident.  But this didn’t last.

It made an ass of you and me during the entire trial of O.J. Simpson.  But this didn’t last.

It made an ass of you and me in the wake of the Trayvon Martin incident.  But this didn’t last.

And the press made an ass of you and me in the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri incident.  And this lasted–and it still lasts.

The press has been playing the race card ever since the Ferguson incident–inserting race into every incident, leading you and me to assume that it had everything to do with race.

The Zionist Jews who control the American press are motivated by nothing but money–except in matters of their home base, the Zionist State (Israel).  Only in their Israeli-biased depiction of the “Arab-Israeli Conflict” are the Zionist Jews who control the American press motivated by anything other than money.

Interestingly, the Zionist Jews who control the American press pander to the political right in all matters regarding the Zionist State.  But in all other matters, the Zionist Jews who control the American press pander to the political left.

The press has been accused, time and again, of being liberal (pandering to the political left)–that is nothing new.

What’s new is that the press is now sensationalistic–and has been since 1991.

Those hoping to escape the “liberal” press turn to Fox News.

And though Fox News may be conservative, it is every bit as sensationalistic as CNN, or any other “liberal” news network (Fox News is controlled by the same Zionist Jews who control the “liberal” networks).

I only trust PBS and NPR for my news.  These are controlled by Jews too, but not necessarily Zionist Jews.  And because they don’t have to turn a profit (they’re public media) they’re not motivated to use sensationalism in their news broadcasts.  Because the federal government has begun cutting funding to public media, PBS and NPR have begun to rely on advertising–so eventually, they’ll no longer be public.  But as long as both networks are public, in the least, I’ll trust only them for the least biased, least sensationalistic news.

Back on topic, though:

The commercial press–which is the press, in general–has been exploiting the hell out of every questionable police incident since 1991.  And this coincides with the rise of Digital-Age technology (the dawn of the Digital Age).  It is the press that makes an ass of you and me by leading you and me to assume that every questionable police incident is racially motivated. It is the press that makes an ass of you and me by exploiting the Internet, and showing and reporting every questionable police incident–over and over again–leading you and me to assume that all questionable police incidents are racially motivated, and that all cops are bad.

Our First-Amendment right to freedom of the press belongs to all of us.  But our press is owned and controlled by only a few of us.

Our government cannot control our press because we would lose our right to freedom of the press that way.

But our press is controlling us because we are letting it.  We are not questioning our press–and this is how our press is making an ass of you and me.

And until we start holding our press accountable–until we start questioning every Trojan horse our press presents us–it will continue to do so.


I’m the only blogger I know who constantly condemns the Digital Age–using Digital-Age technology to condemn Digital-Age technology.

I especially condemn the mass addiction to mobile devices and social media.

In subjugated societies, like that of Occupied Palestine, mobile devices and social media give oppressed people a way to show the rest of the world just how oppressive their occupying governments are.

But in free societies, like that of the United States (arguably the freest society in the world), mobile devices and social media make the people oblivious to everything and everyone around them–and condition the people to simply feel, rather than think, and simply react, rather than act.

This entire presidential campaign is being driven by social media.

Most Republican voters who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries chose him not because of what he said, but because of what was said about him on social media.

Most Democratic voters who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries chose her not because of what she said, but because of what was said about her on social media.

This is peer pressure at its worst.  But it’s not just kids giving into peer pressure anymore–it’s Americans of all ages.

The American people are destroying their own country with their ignorance, apathy, and complacency–and their primary weapons for their own country’s self-destruction are their mobile devices and their social media accounts.


Dorothy Dell Goff